marcela Rio de Janeiro, May 2008 – Pedra da Macela (1.842 m) is located on the São Paulo / Rio de Janeiro state border and provides magnificent view over the bay of Paraty. It can be accessed by a historic rainforest trail (7 degraus) which runs through the southern portion of Serra da Bocaina National Park.

Take the Paraty – Cunha road, until reaching the Ponte Branca bridge which crosses the Perequê – Açú river. Turn right into a sand road that leads to Fazenda Murycana where you can park the car.

Follow the sand road adjacent to the Pedra Branca river until the end, at about 500 height meters. Here you cross the river by a wooden bridge, enter the Mata Atlântica and keep climbing. After 20 minutes you reach a viewpoint, from where on the trail almost vanishes for some 500 meters or so.

After 5 minutes you encounter a crucial bifurcation. If you continue straight you reach a beautiful rainforest cascade with a natural pool but the trail to Pedra da Macela is left. From about 700 height meters on, the small trail at several locations abruptly broadens and large granitic rocks suddenly cover the ground. These are remnants of the colonial trail, prior to the existance of the Cunha – Paraty road, when gold, precious stones and later coffee was transported over this trail to the port of Paraty.

At about 1.500 height meters the rainforest suddenly opens and you start descending about 150  height meters to the Rio Pequeño valley where a sand road connects some fazendas with the paved access road to Pedra Macela. Allow 8 – 10 hours roundtrip net walking time for this tour.


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